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McCommas Family History

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A Letter from Shirley Crow

The area bounded by Mockingbird, Greenville Ave., Llano, and Abrams was purchased in approximately 1846 by the McCommas family for 12 ponies.

They came to Texas in a covered wagon with several children. The dad and oldest sons rode to an area near Hillsboro and shot a buffalo for the family to have food for that first winter. They built a two story, wood frame house, at the highest point on their property (where 6310 Mercedes is now). They lived here until the parents passed away around 1870.

At that time, the property was divided up between their children that were still living in the area. Their oldest son got the part of the property (40 acres) that included the original house. He lived in that house until he died around 1910. Before he died, the Dallas Morning New interviewed him and this is where the prior information came from.

After he died, a couple of Greek brothers bought his 40 acres, tore down the house, and built a new house. The Greek brothers owned a couple of restaurants downtown. There is some speculation that the house was used as a bordello. The house burned down (under suspicious conditions) in around 1920.

Mr. Harold Abrams bought the 40 acres and tried to rebuild the house with some of the walls that were still standing, this is the house at 6310 Mercedes. Mr. Abrams was a real estate developer and had planned to develop the whole 40 acres, but only built a few houses on Mercedes and Jacotte Circle before coming down with cancer and dying. Mr. Abrams’ wife lived at 6310 Mercedes and their daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren lived at 3207 Jacotte Circle until about 1950 when they sold both houses and moved to the Park Cities.

The only thing remaining from the McCommas era on the property at 6310 Mercedes is a wooden owl hitching post.

Another tidbit of information is that Bonnie and Clyde were in the area during their robbery spree. They were reported as saying that they hid some of their money in a hole they dug in the ground off the “Old Road to Greenville” which became “Abrams Road”. So dig a little deeper in your garden and you never know what you might find!

I hope you enjoyed my information!

Best wishes,
Shirley Crow